Stair installation and sanding

Transform your staircase with our installation and sanding services, creating smooth, elegant transitions between levels.

Railings installation and sanding

Install or renew railings with our services, providing safety and a refined aesthetic touch to your stairs.

Finish carpentry

Fine-tune your property's aesthetics with our finish carpentry services, specializing in trims, moldings, and other final details.

Hardwood Floor Installation

Expertly install hardwood floors, enhancing your home's beauty with natural, durable surfaces that last a lifetime.

Hardwood Floor Restoration and Refinis…

Comprehensive restoration and refinishing of hardwood floors, reviving their beauty and extending their lifespan.

Laminate Floor Installation

Quick and efficient installation of laminate floors, providing a budget-friendly, stylish solution for any floor.

Laminate Floor Restoration

Restoration services for laminate floors, reviving their look and ensuring they add charm to your spaces.

Vinyl & Linoleum Floor Installation

Affordable, resilient, and stylish vinyl and linoleum floors are installed by our experts to complement your property's decor.

Vinyl & Linoleum Floor Restoration

Breathe life back into your vinyl and linoleum floors with our restorative treatments, bringing back their original shine.

Hardwood Floor Repair

Expert repair services for hardwood floors, fixing damages from wear and tear, and restoring your floor's natural beauty.

Laminate Floor Repair

Efficient repair of laminate floors, addressing issues like chipping, warping, or scratching to maintain their look and longevity.

Vinyl & Linoleum Floor Repair

Specialized repair services for vinyl and linoleum flooring, fixing damage and restoring the floor's original appearance and functionality.

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